Intertek webinars are an opportunity for you to gain first-hand knowledge from some of the world’s foremost experts in testing, inspection, and certification. We’ll help you navigate the complexities associated with proper safety and quality processes.

These sessions will arm you with critical information on the ever-changing requirements that affect so many industries, and help you develop safer, higher quality products and grow your business.

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US TSCA Restricted Substance including the new process for issuing Significant New Use Rules (SNURS)
The America's Regulatory Developments
USA's PMN Completion and Filings
USA's TSCA Fundamentals
Canada's Practical NSN Form Completion
Canada's New Substances Fundamentals
Canada's Existing Substances Fundamentals
VLSFO: Reality versus Expectations
Update on EU Authorisation of Biocidal Product Families (BPF)
2019 Year in Review: Consumer Products Regulatory Update
Approach to Battery Failure Analysis Webinar
Consumer Products – 2019 U.S. State Regulatory Updates
IEC 62133 and the Lithium-ion Battery Compliance Roadmap
TSCA and Confidential Business Information (CBI): A review of the new implementations that will affect your protection
What you need to know about the Australian National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) “Reform”
China Market Access Requirements for Cosmetics
Revised Testing Requirements for Cosmetics in China
UAE ECASEx: Unit Verification
Calculation of Naturalness Index According to ISO 16128 Standard
INGRID - Data Intelligence Service for Power Plant Operations, Reliability and Financials Webinar
Cosmetic Product Raw Material Qualification: Process and Overview
Practical Application of Existing and New Testing Strategies / Defined Approaches for Risk Assessment of Cosmetic Ingredients
China Market Entry for Consumer Products
How to Read a Standard
What if there are No Standards?
Consumer Product Focused Cyber Security Test and Certification Program
WRAS and DWI Regulation 31 Approval
Circular Economy: Closing the Loop…standards role in R&D and innovation
Responsible and Ethical Sourcing Standards for Products
Responsible and Ethical Sourcing in Construction
Update on the EU Scientific and Regulatory Environment
Assessing Environmental, Health and Safety Risks of Damaged Cargo and Warehoused Products
Eurasian Conformity Mark for Consumer Products Certification
'Bridge to China': Compliance With China's NMPA Requirements
The 2020 Global Sulphur Cap – The Final Stages – Vessel and Fuel Management
Cyber Security Mitigation Measures in Energy Systems
Consumer Products Regulatory Update: First Half 2019
Third-party Testing Requirements for Small Batch Manufacturers
Transitioning HVACR Equipment to UL/CSA 60335-2-40
On-Demand Webinar: New Mandatory Safety Registration of Textiles and Other Products in Indonesia
Microfibers & the Apparel Industry
Understanding the DVP&R and its Role in Automotive Product Development
Designed for Security: Mitigating Risk in Life Safety Systems
Harmonized Notification of Hazardous Mixtures to Poison Centers – be prepared!
Chemical Management for the Apparel & Footwear Industry
Webinar: An In-depth Review of In-vitro Testing for Bioequivalence of Nasal Drug Products
Regulatory and Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Packaging in Europe
Formulation and Manufacturing Approaches for Nasal Drug Products
Introduction and Background to Nasal Drug Products
Avoiding Apparel & Footwear Recalls: Compliance with EU REACH
Phthalates Under the Gun Globally
Understanding the South Africa Cosmetic Product Regulation
Analytical Tools to Aid in Coating Formulation Development: Reactive Chemistries
Protective Coatings and Films on Metals - From Bridges to Engines
Analytical Testing for Coatings – Beyond the Standard
Securing HVAC/R Products in a Connected World
South Korea REACH Registration/Notification Requirement on Chemical Substance
Melamine FDA Detention Testing
U.S. Safety Requirements for Children’s Products
Understanding the EU Cosmetic Product Regulation
Update on Treated Articles and Preservatives Guidelines in Canada
The 2020 Global Sulphur Cap
Introduction to the NSN Reporting Form
What You Need to Know About the Increase in the State’s Right to Know Acts
Risk Assessment and Post Notification Obligation
TSCA Mandatory Notifications Under TSCA; Import Certifications, Notice of Commencement, CDR 2020 it is Coming
Recovered Substances From Waste: Obligations Under REACH
Masking the Substance Identity
TSCA Sections of Note Other Than Chemical Notifications
The New Substances Process
Obligations of EU REACH After 2018 Deadline
Key Aspects of the Regulations and Nanomaterials in Canada
Understanding REACH Article Requirements
TSCA SNURs, Strategic Planning, Practical Points and How to Communicate with Your Downstream User
The New Substances Program and its Authority
Turkish REACH: Be Prepared for KKDIK Registration
Global New Chemicals and Toxic Substances Management
ICPHSO 2019 Annual Meeting & Training Symposium Recap
China Food Contact Petition Program
Compliance of Food Contact Materials with USA FDA Regulations
The Basics of UN 38.3 and the Requirements for the Transportation of Lithium Batteries
Lithium Battery Transportation: Going Beyond the UN 38.3 Tests
Smart Inverter Communication Protocol: Sunspec CSIP & IEEE 2030.5 Compliance
Deformulation Strategies for Polymers and Their Raw Materials
Leveraging Analytical Techniques to Understand PE-Based Blends
Integrated Analytical Approaches for Solving Complex Polymer Packaging Problems
Circular Economy: Closing the Loop… Rethinking Resource Use and Waste Management in the Value Chain
Sustainability Reporting: Using Science-Based Metrics to Demonstrate Organizational Sustainability Performance
Introduction to European Food Contact Regulation
Carbon Foot Printing, Water Foot Printing, Life Cycle Assessment
Wellbeing in the Built Environment
Environmental Product Declarations in Construction
Responsible and ethical sourcing in construction - Eco Reinforcement
Footwear Labeling, Quality & Chemical Compliance Overview: U.S. & Canada
EU Harmonization of the Poison Centre Notifications for Hazardous Mixtures
The USDA’s Final Rule on Mandatory Bioengineered Food Disclosures – What You Need to Know
Sustainability Solutions for Electrical Products
End-of-Life (EOL) Equipment Management for Electrical Products
Proposition 65 for Electrical Products
Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals for Electrical Products
Global New Chemicals and Toxic Substances Management for Electrical Products
Hazard Communication (Hazcom) for Electrical Products
EU RoHS 3 for Electrical Products: Are You Ready?
Webinar Update Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) Regulatory Considerations for Food Contact Materials
An Update - European Food Contact Compliance
BRCv8 and Your Business
New Strategies for Optimizing Biologic Formulations
Improve Your Sustainability Through Zero Waste to Landfill Certification
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Informational Webinar
The ISO 45001:2018 Migration Webinar
Demonstrate your sustainability commitment through Zero Waste to Landfill certification(1)
ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management Systems – Combatting bribery risk to protect your organisation
The Benefits of an Integrated Management System
Risk Management in ISO/IEC 27001
Creating a Sustainable Supplier Network
Key Considerations for Cloud Computing Security Management in 2019
Intertek DeepView 3D Webinar
What to Look for in Your Management Systems Certificate
Beeswax Analysis: Developing New Methodologies for Determination of Adulteration
Beeswax Analysis: Developing New Methodologies for Determination of Adulteration (Session 2)
Maintaining Operational Continuity & Resilience - An Overview of ISO 22301
DeepView 3D Webinar
Expected Outcomes of ISO 9001 Certification
Best Practices in Auditing: Organizational Knowledge
Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management
Best Practices in Auditing: Design and Development
Best Practices in Auditing: External Providers
Best Practices in Auditing: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements
Best Practices in Auditing: Internal Audit
ISO 22301: Proactively assessing your business risks
Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for Honey Profiling
GMP for Cosmetics - ISO 22716 Overview Webinar
Occupational Health and Safety in the Automotive Industry (IATF 16949 and ISO 45001)
INGRID Webinar - Data Intelligence Service for Power Plant Operations, Reliability and Financials
Using ISO 14001 to Meet Your Sustainability Goals
Modern Slavery: How to identify the indicators and mitigate the risks
Food Hygiene Control Programme: Promoting Food safety and Quality
Beyond Conformance Auditing - Adding Real Value to Your Aerospace Internal Audits
Cyber Security in the Automotive Industry
Webinar: ISO 22716: Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics