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Monday, 17 February 2014

In the world of beauty products convenience seems to be one of the most sought out factors, everyone longs for products that offer a quick fix with effective results to suit their hectic, fast paced lifestyles. Especially me, I adore my beauty products and couldn't go a day without indulging myself. But living a lifestyle where I participate in 13 hour days makes it a lot harder to keep up with everything, especially when it comes to moisturising, however I have discovered a solution...

Vaseline Spray & Go. A spray body moisturiser that promises even application with its convenient spray fitting, absorption within seconds whilst still intensely moisturising your skin and a non greasy finish. It comes in three different variants - Aloe Fresh, Cocoa Radiant and Essential Moisture. My personal favourite? Essential Moisture. They are all lovely, however I find this one especially hydrating, repairing and soothing which my skin screams for during this season, due to being in air conditioned environments and exposure to cold weather. 

So, the big question, does it work? Yes. I am extremely impressed with this product. It meets every single requirement that I look for - It's spray fitting means its extremely easy to use in terms of distribution and time. It absorbs into the skin like no other, within seconds your skin is dry feeling smooth and nourished, I was very impressed by this and it's most definitely the most appealing factor for me. Additionally, it doesn't feel greasy on your skin what so ever, which I find is the case with most high-street moisturisers. I would recommend this to anyone that wants instant results. Using this in the morning whilst rushing, getting ready for work is an absolute dream and breeze to use.

Vaseline Spray & Go costs £4.99.



  1. Ive never tried these before ! Im always looking for a quick and easy moisturiser!

    BerrieBlogs - Beauty Blog x

  2. I have the Aloe Vera one, and I agree with you, they are fab. I just think they aren't super moisturising, so once or twice a week I try to slather on something a little more creamy!

  3. I have the Aloe Vera one and really like it I hate putting on thick body cream but it's so light and fresh while absorbing almost instantaneously.

  4. I really want to try these
    I hate it when my hands get leftover buildup from application

  5. i've heard a lot of mixed reviews about these, definitely need to try this out myself! love the photos!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  6. I picked up the cocoa scented one and really love it for days when I'm in a rush, they sink in so quickly! x

  7. I keep meaning to pick this up to try it! I feel like a lot would go to waste though since its a spray? Either way will need to give it a shot :)
    Alana x

  8. I don't know why I haven't tried this stuff yet, it sounds perfect for lazy me :)


  9. I've been addicted to having soft skin for the last couple of months. I've been applying moisturizers on a regular basis after my shower at night. While I do enjoy pampering myself, sometimes it's the last thing on my mind (especially when I'm so tired from attending lectures at Uni.) This sounds like the perfect solution for my sometimes lazy ways. I'll have a closer look soon. Thanks for the review Jessica. :) Loving the fact that it absorbs easily and quickly, hydrating the skin without leaving it in a greasy mess. xx

  10. I'm definitely going to give this a go, to me it just seems like a win win situation?

  11. I am surprised that everyone loves this because for me I felt that this product didn't moisturize enough and I went through the bottle so fast!! I do love the spray and yes, it is very convenient but I'm not sold on it
    The Beauty Break

  12. I keep significance to choose this up to try it! I experience like a lot would go to spend though since its a spray? Either way will need to try it out. Thanks for your nice post.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I've just seen these arrive in Australia, must go try one out :)

    Rose x

  15. I have always had problems in applying lotions because of my laziness, this product seems like a great alternative

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