Key To Success Necklace

Thursday, 22 March 2012

You know all know by now that I'm on this little jewellery hype so when I was recently contacted by a company called Queen Of Charms, I was thrilled! They allowed me to pick an item off the website to show you guys. I had been checking out this website long before they got in contact, I always eyed up the Dogeared jewellery but never got around to purchasing any. It was one of those "oh I will get it next week" kinda things! I picked this gorgeous delicate necklace by Dogeared and its called the "Key To Success". Being in my last year of university I thought that this was very suitable, just a little reminder to myself that I really can do anything I set my mind too. What I love about Dogeared is that all of their pieces have meaning behind and I think its quite special! They are also sterling silver, really nice quality. I also have my eye on the Karma necklace and bracelet. I just really love how it looks. It's just so dainty and delicate and adds a lovely feminine touch. The chain is also quite short which is nice, I like how it sits on me. I've recently been into wearing cross earrings which are quite a statement so Its nice to have something smaller on the chest area to balance it out a bit. I really do recommend you going to check out Queen of Charms, they sell lots of different brands and there is something for everyone. The service from them was great, it was packaged in cute pink tissue paper, some chocolates and a lovely pink pouch to keep my necklace safe.

You can visit them here

What do you think of this necklace? :)


Nice 'n' Neutral

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

This shade is a little different from the last one I posted about which was a gorgeous electric blue colour by Topshop called Awol. Although I do do love a statement nail to add a little something to my everyday look, I also adore wearing a softer shade. This one is called Nice 'n' Neutral and once again is from Topshop. I just can't get enough of their polishes! They have a fabulous colour range, great colour pay off, lovely to apply, long lasting, fast drying AND are reasonably priced at around £6.00. They pretty much tick all the boxes, right? Plus, the packaging is cute! Nice 'n' Neutral is a muted dusty pink. It's just the perfect everyday colour, especially now its spring and the weather is getting a little warmer. Its much more of a sophisticated shade and looks great with a tan! I swear I say that about every polish, but this one especially. I think overall I do prefer a nude shade on my nails. They are just so easy to wear and go with everything, you don't even have to think about it. The image shows two applications of the product, but I also think with just one it gives a lovely sheer colour without being streaky, which is a lovely take on a french manicure.

What are your favourite nude nail polish shades?

Studded Vintage Levi's Shorts

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

One of the things I'm always getting asked is"what is your staple piece in your wardrobe?". This really is quite a tricky one. A staple could mean many things to everyone, but to me a staple is something that I can rely on that its going to look good with everything, easy wear, comfortable and timeless. So therefore the answer this this question has to be my vintage Levi's! I picked these up last spring on eBay, I'm sorry I don't have the seller and even if I did I wouldn't recommend them seeing as these cost me a whopping £45.00. Its pretty ridiculous knowing I paid that much... However I do adore them! Mine have studs on the back pocket which I think is such a lovely feature, it makes them look a little more interesting and instantly updates them. They go with absolutely everything for every occasion. In the winter I like to throw them on with tights, boots and a jumper and in the summer bare legged with a relaxed tee, sandals or vans. I even wear them on nights out with some heels and a chiffon blouse - beautiful. If you're on the search for some vintage Levi's shorts I would really recommend trawling some charity shops, they will most likely be sold to you as jeans - but thats perfectly fine! That just give you a little more freedom to cut them so they are the perfect length for you. Or you could look around vintage shops, I recently saw them being sold in Rokit, Covent Garden for £20.00 - £25.00. Which is  much more of a reasonable price. And if you want to customise your shorts take a look on eBay, there are SO many sellers selling studs and other things to make them a little more unique. 

Whats your staple piece?

The Harrods Edition Glossybox

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

GlossyBox were hiding a well kept secret from us all about the March box, I don't know about you but I was extremely excited about it! I'm a fan of GlossyBox and I do think its one of the best beauty boxes out there, I always get really excited about receiving it each month. I love the idea of being able to try out various products in the comfort of your own home. A couple of weeks ago it was released that they were collaborating with Harrods, which I think is a brilliant idea because you know its just going to scream luxury. I know a lot of us prefer to have products in there that are affordable if we want to purchase the full size, but I do think its nice to take a dip into the more luxurious side and try out high end products. The GlossyBox ambassadors got their boxes sometime last week but I didn't peep as I wanted it to be a surprise for myself, does anyone else do this?

My Harrods Edition GlossyBox includes: A mini Burberry lipstick in the shade "Copper", A generous sized sample of the Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily moisture bath & shower gel, YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum, Narciso Rodriguez For Her and Clarins Extra Firming body cream.

This Burberry lipstick is THE most freakin' adorable lipstick I have ever seen! Everything about it is simply beautiful, they have nailed it in terms of packaging with the little details. The packaging has this gun metal kind of look with the classic Burberry check embossed on it. As you can see its also embossed on the actual lipstick itself. The shade is wonderful, its one of those my lip but better shades. Its not something I would personally wear but I think it would be perfect for the mature ladies.

Molton Brown is a brand I'm quite familiar with, my mum has been buying their candles for years! I really can't wait to use this, it smells divine. As soon as my mum saw it she instantly claimed it (so she thought).

I'm quite into serums so I was excited to see the YSL Forever Youth Liberator in here. I actually saw this in Boots a while ago and was having a talk to the MUA about it, I picked up a sample but never got around to using it. The packaging once again is really lovely, I think I just instantly love anything miniature.

Now, where do I start with the Narciso Rodrigues For Her perfume. This scent just sums up class and elegance. I'm not good with scents but its floral and powdery, I think? Correct me if I'm wrong. Its such a lovely perfume to have in your collection, its quite a mature scent which I'm not usually into, but this is on my list to buy or if anyone wants to buy me a nice gift ;) p.s Great gift for mothers day!

The Clarins Extra Firming body cream is one I'm not so fussed about. I have a ridiculous amount of body creams and body butters its starting to drive me a little crazy! But hey I'm all up for trying something that claims to firm my skin, wether it works or not thats a different question.

I'm just going to leave you with this picture to admire its beauty and cuteness. By far my favourite product in the box, isn't it just adorable?! It definitely deserves a picture of its own.

If you want to subscribe to GlossyBox you can by visiting It cost £10.00 per month plus £2.95 p&p. In my opinion its worth it if you have £10.00 to spare because I have discovered some great products that I can't ever see myself without, I have a post on that here if you're interested.

What do you think of The Harrods Edition GlossyBox?

Goodies from TK Maxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Its sunday night and I'm sat here with a cup of tea waiting for my favourite programme to come on the television - Desperate Housewives. I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a little blog post, my idea of the perfect night in (I'm boring, right?). Anyway, I want to share with you how much I love TK Maxx, and when I say love I mean LOVE. There's nothing better than rummaging through lots of goods finding bargains, and TK Maxx is the place for that! They have some great stuff and especially in their home section, I could spend a serious amount of money in there. I'm currently in the process of moving rooms, my sister has finally moved out yay! So I am on the look out for some lovely pieces to decorate and add character to my room. I picked up these two lovely jars with candles in, I can't get enough of interesting detailed trinkets and jars. I think they will look so lovely on my dressing table to store bits and bobs in. Then I came across this room spray which is scented vanilla and coconut, possibly one of my favourite scents. Last but not least I picked up a face brush, not from the home section though, obviously. They have a cosmetics section where they sell lots of goodies from Nars, Nyx, Tigi, OPI and more! Its really worth checking out. The face brush is similar to the Clarasonic in a way, except it doesn't vibrate... I would love a Clarasonic but until I can afford one, this will do. I will do an update on it in a couple of weeks. Its by a brand called Bass by the way.

Dainty Silver Skull Necklace

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Today I want to share with you this stunning necklace that I was kindly gifted by a fellow blogger Rhi from She has her own jewellery shop called Jewl Rhi (clever 'ey ;)) which you can visit here. I'm having a slight obsession with silver jewellery at the moment so I was extremely excited to receive this in the post. This is the "Til Death Do Us Part" necklace, its silver plated and actually feels a really lovely quality, which custom jewellery often lacks! It has 5 dainty skull charms on the chain which are just so adorable, I know your probably thinking how can skulls be adorable?! But trust me, they are just so diddy and cute! They actually have a really similar one to this in Topshop except it has chunky skulls and its not as wearable for everyday use. I think this would be a really great piece for those of you who work or at school in a more strict dress code environment, because its not too over the top but you can still show your sense of style. Oh and how could I forget the cute little heart clasp, such a nice added feature. As you can see from the picture below I have styled it with my sheer white shirt from H&M. I really like mixing edgy pieces with feminine fabrics or colours, it gives such a cool balance between both! This necklace cost £6.00 + £1.00 postage and packaging. You also have the opportunity to add more skulls for 30p each. Likey?


Levis' shorts & AA basic!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Top: American Apparel Baby Rib Tee
Shorts: Vintage Levi's via Ebay (don't have the seller)
Belt: Ebay - camdenbeltman
Boots: Topshop

Hey everyone :) Todays outfit is a simple, casual look which happens to be one of my go-to outfits. When I search through my wardrobe and feel like I have nothing to wear, I got for  basic top and my vintage Levis. I really don't think you can go wrong with this! I'm really into plain clothes so to make it a little more interested I like this chunky black belt with a gold buckle, It adds a little something and finishes off the look. Then because I wanted to be extra comfortable I put on my chelsea boots from Topshop, which you can see a more detailed post here. What is your go-to outfit?

I also shared this on my YouTube channel -

Vintage Levi's & Disco Pants

Friday, 2 March 2012

So here they are, the famous disco pants that everyone seems to own! You must all be getting bored of them now? However I have not yet posted a look with them yet and shown how I personally style them. They are pretty versatile and can be worn dressed up and down. Overall I quite like them I'm not sure I love them. Everyone seems to say they are flattering, however I think my legs look pretty chunky in them. I have chosen to pair it with my jersey t-shirt with leather accents which is from Zara, I adore this top! It cost me £19.99 and they come in other colours too, I'm thinking of getting the dark grey one. So I don't get chilly I put on my vintage Levis denim jacket which I purchased from Rokit, the one in Covent Garden. If you haven't gone shopping in Covent Garden before, you HAVE to go. Its amazing and my new favourite place to shop. Then lastly for footwear I chose my Vans, they are so simple, casual and comfortable. I love them!

I also created a video showing this outfit :) -


Thursday, 1 March 2012

I've been letting myself go with my nails recently, they were starting to look slightly manky so I wanted to let them breathe for a while. But after watching Barbara's video the other day it inspired me and I decided to whack out my nail polishes. She was wearing a gorgeous blue shade similar to this which she got from H&M, I believe the shade was called 'Blue My Mind', it reminded me that I owned one similar. This one that I have is from Topshop and its called 'Awol'. Its the most gorgeous electric blue I have ever seen and I would never usually go for a blue unless it was a pastel shade. I won this later last year in a giveaway and its actually the first time I have used it. I think that this is such a great shade to go for, it makes a statement and doesn't look tacky which I find really hard to avoid when wearing a bright shade. I really like Topshops nail polish range, they have a wide variety of colours, they are good value costing around £6.00 and they are also reasonable quality.  p.s It looks awesome with a tan!

Can you recommend any Topshop polish shades?
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