Chelsea Boots

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I'm not much of a footwear person, I tend to own a couple pairs of boots, flats, vans and wear them over and over. But these chelsea boots hold a special place in my wardrobe, and heart. They have become my go-to footwear since buying them towards the end of December. I purchased them from Topshop and I believe they cost me around £65.00, a little pricey but an extremely good investment in my eyes. What I love so much about these is its masculine 'I'm wearing my boyfriends boots' style but the lovely soft leather makes them look more feminine and wearable, its got the perfect balance. They have that vintage vibe about them which means they will never look outdated, to me they look like they should be worn by chimney sweepers in the film Mary Poppins! They go with absolutely everything and are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned, I just can't get enough of them. I'm slightly gutted that the weather seems to be getting warmer in the UK at the moment because I won't be able to wear them as much. What are your favourite pair of boots?

My Thoughts: Real Techniques Blush Brush

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Real Techniques has quickly become my favourite brand for brushes, I went through a phase thinking that all my brushes had to be from MAC. I'm a bit OCD with things like that and I feel like it looks more organised if they are all from the same brand, anyway! MAC simply weren't fulfilling my brush needs and they are a little on the pricey side. Where as Real Techniques is affordable, amazing quality, cruelty free (which is a HUGE plus for me) and easy to find now that they are being stocked in larger Boots stores. I can't stress how excited I am about these being stocked in Boots. It's my go-to place when I need my essentials and fancy treating myself to some high-end makeup, so I love that I can build up my points buying these. I already own the Stippling brush which I adore and currently use for my foundation, you can see a little review here. After having success with that I went on to purchase the blush brush which you can see above and below, It cost around the £10.00 mark and I love it. Its not as soft as I thought it was going to be. I like how its tapered meaning Its easy for me to use the tip for highlighter, which works really well by the way! And tilting the brush slightly means I get a lovely application with my blusher. Before buying this I was using my MAC 187 duo fibre brush, don't get me wrong I still love it, its possibly my all time favourite brush. But I was using it for my bronzer at the same time and it was getting a little annoying having to clean it daily in between uses. I'm not sure if I like the Real Techniques brush as much as I do as the 187 because I feel like I achieve a more blended finish with the 187. The 187 has a bigger section of density at the base which allows more control, its also softer, where as with the Real Techniques brush I feel like I don't have as much control as there is only a small section of the brush that is dense. It also splays out a lot when using circular motions, which is how I like to apply my bronzer/contour. I really hope that made sense, I'm a bit rubbish at explaining things... I definitely recommend these brushes to anyone, whether you are just getting into makeup and need a brush set or you are experienced and want to build your collection. I really want to try more, especially the core collection.

What are your favourite RT brushes? And if you haven't tried them, do they appeal to you?


Currently wanting

Monday, 20 February 2012

(All images taken from the websites that are listed below)

L-R: 1.Topshop Palm Tree Drop Arm Top £26.00, 2. Topshop Triangle Skull Tee £18.00, 3. Topshop Speckle Panel Top £26.00, 4. Silver Casio from ASOS £30.00, 5. New Ray Ban Wayfarer £108.00, 6. Sonia Studded Flat Sandals from ASOS £355.00

1. I'm now starting to think about clothes for spring/summer and I usually struggle with this because all summer clothes seem super girly, which I'm not really into. However this top has that retro vibe and I think its adorable! It looks as if it should be apart of a Miami inspired collection. I would probably wear this with my vintage Levi shorts to take the girly edge of it, also pairing it with the studded sandals and Ray Bans would make the perfect outfit.

2. I'm really into printed tees - Simple, comfortable, effortless but very cool! I really like the design of this and once again paired with skinny jeans & vans seems like the perfect summer go-to outfit.

3. I think pretty much everyone owns this top and I LOVE it. Not sure why I haven't purchased it yet as it is so versatile. I love that I can wear this throughout winter with jeans and boots, as well as carrying it through spring when it gets a little warmer - In which I would probably wear it with a faux leather or checked gilet. For summer I think it would look perfect with my vintage Levi shorts and vans. Because the material is very thin I don't think I would be too hot in it.

4. I already own a gold mini gold Casio and I never go a day without wearing it. As much as I don't mind mixing metals it is nice to be matchy matchy! I really like how this one is a bit bigger and adds that 'boyfriend' feel to an outfit.

5. I think these have been on my summer wish list for the past 3 years and I WILL buy them this year. They are just so effortlessly cool! The reason I chose the newer design is because the original ones kind of take over my face a little, I also prefer them in tortoise shell because they are a bit softer and more feminine. Yes, they are expensive but I do think they are a good investment and will last me a long time. The retro design means they will never look outdated, bonus!

6. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to sandals, I don't really like brightly coloured ones so I always tend to stick with boring black ones. I like them to be simple but at the same time cool and trendy. I pretty much stick to the one pair of sandals all spring/summer, so I need them to go with everything. I have been searching high and low recently for the perfect pair and I cant seem to find any, apart from these. They are just so perfect, its a shame on the price tag, pretty sure I will never own these.

Can you tell by this post that I'm a little obsessed with vintage Levi's and vans?


Recycling my Yankee candle jars!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

I think its pretty clear that there has been a growing obsession for Yankee candles and candles in general the past 6 months. I adore Yankee candles myself and I thought I would share with you how I re-use my jars! I do think its important to do a bit of recycling plus is saves us a bit of money ( ;) more for makeup and clothes). Yes it is a little effort scraping out the wax and giving them a good clean, but well worth it I say. I use one to store my cotton pads in and the other to place my makeup brushes. The jars are pretty steep so I have put some little gold pebble type things in the bottom, you can get these from any home store or larger supermarkets. They are meant to be used in the bottom of jars for candles. I also thought another good idea to add a decorative touch to your home is to put fairy lights inside the jars with for example artificial flowers, pebbles or just the lights on their own. What do you use your empty Yankee candle or general candle jars for?  

Current go-to foundation

Monday, 13 February 2012

Nars Sheer Glow in Sante Fe

As some of you may know I have been on the hunt for my 'holy grail' foundation. Something that offers a medium but build-able coverage, long lasting with a natural almost glowy finish. After trying numerous foundations such as Chanel Matte Lumiere, Estee Lauder Double Wear and Jemma Kidd Light as Air I just couldn't find what I wanted. They were either too thick, too matte, looked slightly cakey and did not photograph well. Well girls, I think I have found what I was looking for after all this time - Nars Sheer Glow. I'm the type of girl that doesn't mind splurging out on products if I feel they work for me and are worth it. However when It comes to the more expensive products I like to get samples because I hate to waste money and the products themselves if I don't end up liking them. I had been looking to try this foundation for so long and I'm not sure what put me off, probably the snotty MUA on the Nars counter in Selfridges refusing me a sample... I don't think so. I thought I'd try my luck in House of Fraiser and was helped by the lovely MUA who gave me the shade Sante Fe, which is perfect! Its one of those shades that work when I'm on the pale side and can blend it down my neck without looking odd and also when I'm a little tanned. I just adore how this looks on my skin. It gives me that fresh glow and is flattering in harsh lights making me feel more confident. Don't be fooled by the name as it definitely isn't sheer. Its light in consistency but is highly pigmented. Oh and by the way, my skin type is normal/combination. However one of the downsides to this foundation is that its known for its weaker longevity, but used with Benefit Porefessional, this problem is solved. They are the perfect match! The other downside is that there is no SPF, which can easily be solved by using skincare with SPF so I'm not completely putt off. Just remember I'm talking about how this foundation works on my skin, everyones skin is different and even if you have the same skin type, foundations will react differently on different skins. So be sure to get a sample before buying and not to be let down if it doesn't work for you. Now this foundation retails at around the £29.00 mark. But seeing as its sold on ASOS who offer student discount, free delivery and the regular promotions it seems the best place to buy. I had a discount code and paid around £23.00 which I think is pretty reasonable for a foundation. 

Whats your holy grail foundation?

Benefit POREfessional

Friday, 10 February 2012

When I first tried this product - Benefit Porefessional I didn't get on with it, I felt like it made my skin look worse, how is that possible? Seeing as a primer is meant to smooth out any imperfections to create a perfect base for your foundation, it just didn't make sense to me. I've also had this problem in the past with the Laura Mercier primer. However, the other day I thought I would give it one last shot, its not the cheapest product and I couldn't bare the thought of it going to waste. 

This has completely changed the way my makeup looks, applies and its longevity. For reference my skin isn't particularly oily and is pretty normal, I rarely get spots and the only pores I suffer with are on my nose. I have been using this with my latest foundation purchase Nars Sheer Glow, which I have to quickly say is so good, I can't stress it enough, post to come soon. It makes the application of my foundation go on smoothly and the longevity it gives is amazing, not to mention the minimising of my pores. I applied my Nars Sheer Glow about 12:00pm, It's currently 9:30pm and the foundation still looks perfect. This foundation has also been known not to last very well on the skin too! I also find that I'm not reaching for more product to cover up problem areas like the redness on my nose. Probably just because it makes the foundation apply like a dream. Maybe it was never more coverage I was needing to reach for but was more about needing a smoother base for the foundation to sit on. I don't know where I was going wrong in the past, perhaps it was the fact I wasn't using enough product? 

I use a generous amount and pat it all around my face and then I blend it in well using my fingers. Firstly comes out a beige flesh tone, but once blended on your skin its not noticeable. Its a silicone based product which kind of freaked me out a little, it seems as if it would slide around your face. But thats not the case at all! Its perfect for girls like me who spend long days travelling to London on a daily basis, those of you who suffer from oily skin, visible pores or maybe your favourite foundation doesn't last that long on the skin. I always felt that there was something missing and that something just didn't look right about my makeup, I think it was primer I needed all this time! I'm really interested in primers and I would love to try more, have you got any recommendations?


If It wasn't for beauty boxes...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Beauty boxes have become huge over the past year and I can really see why. Its such an amazing idea and a great thing to sign up for if you want to explore the beauty market. As well as learning about products, which I think is vital for beauty bloggers especially as we like to share our knowings onto others. I personally think there is no better way to learn about products than to try them out in the comfort of our own home! I have really enjoyed receiving beauty boxes because I have discovered some amazing products that I never would of tried before and also ones that will be with me for a long time. So I thought it would be good to do a 'If it wasn't for beauty boxes' post!

If It wasn't for beauty boxes...

HD Brows Palette - I wouldn't be filling in my eyebrows, well I probably would but it may have taken me a lot longer to take the plunge. I honestly don't see how I never done it before. Its so vital for framing your face and finishing of a polished look. This is all round a great product, I use shade Ash Brown for reference. (Glossybox)

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque & Multivitamin Thermafoliant - I wouldn't have known what its like to have my softest skin yet. These products are incredible. They make my skin soft, radiant and a hell of a lot better looking. I tend to use these once a week to give my skin a little love. I was a fan of Dermalogica before using these products and I would love to purchase the full size once these have run out. (Glossybox)

Colbert MD - I wouldn't have realised how important it is to keep your under eye area hydrated. Not only will eye creams keep your delicate eyes hydrated, but it will also prevent signs of ageing. Its never too young to start! Its a shame that the price of this eye cream comes around the £100 mark because its such a great product. (Boudoir Prive, now Jolie Box)

Nuxe Dry Oil - I would still be scared to put oils on my face, this dry oil from Nuxe is incredible. During the colder months I suffer with dry skin around my nose and the odd patch here and there. Placing this night and day under my moisturisers works a treat! It does exactly what it says on the bottle - nourish, repairs and softens. Because its a dry oil this means it instantly makes your skin so soft and none greasy! Perfect for all skin types. (Boudoir Prive, now Jolie Box)
P.s You can also use it on your body & hair, bonus!

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle - I would not have discovered an amazing shade & brand. I'm not the one to purchase nail varnish from higher end brands, but after using this one I will definitely be purchasing more shades from Deborah Lippmann. Great quality & great payoff. One of my ultimate favourites in my collection. (Glossybox)

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love for other bloggers to see this as a tag and do the same post, pick items from beauty boxes that you love or hate and share your own 'If it wasn't for beauty boxes' stories. Link me on twitter if you do it, I tag everyone!


Khaki Shirt Dress

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I am in love with this dress! Its by a brand called Cheap Monday, you may know them because of their famous super skinny jeans. I never knew they done anything else other than jeans. I adore shirt dresses and this one particuarly. Its such a gorgeous khaki brown colour and the material is gorgeous. Its super comfortable too! I am wearing it with my Topshop Allegra boots (again) just because I find this dress a little more flattering on my body shape with a bit of height. 

Dress: Cheap Monday at
Bag: Romwe
Boots: Topshop

*Gifted item

Speckled Tea Dress

Hello everyone! So I officially have my tripod which means more 'outfit of the day' posts, yay! However please bare with me as the photographs are a little rubbish just while I get the hang of using a tripod. Anyway, I hope you like this look :) I adore this dress. I'm all about basic, effortless clothing that I can throw on with a bit of jewellery, boots and out the door I go and still look good (I hope that doesn't sound big headed?). I'm really into jersey fabrics at the moment as well as this speckled grunge effect. I paired it with my gold chain choker necklace to add just a little something, I personally think it makes it look a little more trendy. Plus, I love jersey with chunky jewellery. Then of course black tights and my Allegras to make it a little more girly. Oh I have also just made a account so please show your support and hype my look and fan me :)

Why the hell does my hair look red?!

Dress: Topshop
Necklace: Topshop
Boots: Topshop


Banishing Dark Circles

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

L-R: Bobbi Brown Corrector, MAC Pro Longwear, MAC Studio Sculpt & Benefit Erase Paste.

I am one of the unfortunate ones that suffer with dark circles under my eyes, I have pretty much always had them. I have no idea how to get rid of them and have tried so many things like drinking plenty of water, changing my diet etc. Maybe its hereditary I don't know! So until I can literally get rid of them I need to find the best products that suit me to help hide them. These are all the products that I'm using and experimenting with at the moment to see which ones are the best for me. My under eye circles are purple/blue toned for reference. 

Starting with the Bobbi Brown corrector I'm using the shade light to medium bisque, when the MUA matched me up at the counter it looked perfect under the bright un-natural lights... Then of course when I tried it at home, ultimate fail. Its far too pink for me and makes me look ill. I know a lot of people love this, so maybe it is a great product but I have just been matched wrong. Pro Long wear is a really good concealer, it covers great, but not enough. I like the formula and it dries matte and of course as the name says it lasts a long time, which I love! MAC Studio Sculpt is also really good, I'd say it probably covers a little more but I'm not too keen on the creamy formula. Last but not least Benefits Erase Paste. I really like this, its more peachy toned which covers up my circles really nicely, It's also quite thick almost waxy if that makes sense? The shade I use for this is No.2. I know that two of these must go really well together and I'm currently using Erase Paste, Studio Sculpt and Pro Longwear. I know this must sound a lot, but using a tiny amount of each seems like a good mix. First starting off with Erase Paste, because its peachy toned it hides the blue tone, then I use the Studio Sculpt to cover some of the peach tone and to match the rest of my foundation, as well as to brighten the under eye area, I then just use a tiny amount of the Pro Longwear because it dries matte and sets it in a way.

Has anyone got any trick/tips/products you could share with me?


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