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Sunday, 16 December 2012

*Neals Yard Frankincense & Mandarin Body Polish, *Origins Ginger Burst Shower Gel, *Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, Sanctuary Body Brush

If there is one activity I've been looking forward to indulging myself in on an evening, and that's having a good old scrub up in the shower. I never used to be into my shower products, but just recently something has come over me... Other than the fact there is nothing more appealing than getting in from the icy cold, into a hot, steaming shower to smother myself in feel good, lovely smelling products.

Body wise, the Origins Ginger Burst Shower Gel has been making me tick. It not only smells beautifully refreshing, but the thick texture and how it lathers up feels so lovely and satisfying. Before this I was never really fussed and grabbed anything in the shower (usually Sainsbury's own) but I can see myself repurchasing this once emptied! Before my skin often felt stripped, not with this one.

After scrubbing myself clean with the help of Origins I like to give my skin a bit of exfoliation. I think it's especially important in the colder months, being prone to dry, dull skin. My product of choice is the Neal's Yard Frankincense & Mandarin Body Polish, and oh boy is this good. You know that 'Ahhh' feeling you get when you scratch your back? Yep, it does exactly that, as well as leaving my skin silky smooth of course. Highly recommend. See that tool peeping through the back? That's a Sanctuary Body Brush and is the only thing that gets rid of old, unwanted tan for me to start fresh. I've also been using it for body brushing in the attempt to budge some cellulite (will let you know how that goes).

For hair I've been trying out the Lee Stafford shampoo and conditioner from their Breaking Hair range - I don't really know much about hair products but I do like these! My ends, which are my main concern, are always left feeling and looking very silky. The only thing that does put me off a little is the strong scent, smells like Angel perfume. But hey! I can easily look past that for the sake of silky hair.

Any favourite shower products you wish to share?



  1. I've been really loving body shop shower gels at the moment, I'm waiting for their chocolate one to arrive on my doorstep so I hope that doesn't disappoint! X

  2. I absolutely adore Origins Ginger range but I haven't tried this body wash, it's definitely something I'll be picking up next time I'm in a need of a new one!!!

    Gem x

  3. Like the Origins product a lot!! But mostly, I am too lazy and just use my husbands shower gel and smell like him... :-)


  4. I really like Lee Stafford products, there's a leave in conditioner which makes my hair SO silky and soft! OX

  5. I need a body brush they're so good!

    Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty.com

  6. The Lee Stafford products sound good, my ends are always breaking easily so they sound like something that might help! xo

  7. I try way to many products in the shower, I love Soap&Glory and Toni&Guy Shampoo! I want to try that Lee Stafford, it sounds amazing and you can't go wrong with a bit of Origins! I always use my ex-foliating mitt too!



  8. I'm the same about shower gels and creams - they seem to be the one thing I won't splurge on, but that's possibly because I've never really used anything high-end and don't know what I'm missing! Ha. I love Origins though, so I'm in no doubt that this is lovely.
    Mel xx


  9. the origins ginger scent is incredible! love the bath cream :) x


  10. I'm big on Soap & Glory shower products at the moment but that Neals Yard body polish sounds lovely. :)

  11. Great post! I've also only recently got into shower products too- like the post above I'm loving soap and glory, and just bought a body shop one shower gel to try! The Neal's yard body polish is appealing, will definitely buy this! And maybe the origins shower gel after that! Rosy x



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