Autumn/Winter 2011 Look #2

Friday, 29 July 2011

I'm having a bit of a fashion inspiration at the moment, most probably because its coming up to A/W11 and I'm thinking about all the new clothes I need. Like I said before I'm a simple girl when It comes to clothes, and makeup thinking of it. I prefer to just make a statement with either a piece of jewellery, lipstick, scarf etc. But right now I'm talking about clothes, so I'm going to try and stay off the makeup subject. 

I have put together another look that will be very popular with me in the next season...

(L-R: TOPSHOP Moto Leigh Super Soft Skinny Jeans £36.00, TOPSHOP Skulls Heart Tee £18.00, TOPSHOP Grey Marl Slouchy oversized Top £16.00, FiFi's Factory at TOPSHOP White Flower Sign Tee £22.00, River Island Black Fringed Leather Biker Jacket £140.00, Alexander McQueen Black Silk Scarf with Light Pink Skull Print £165.00, River Island Chelsea Boots £40.00)

If I'm going to wear jeans they have to be dark so I have chosen these from TOPSHOP. I would also preferably like one of these printed t shirts to be Wildfox to really complete the look, but TOPSHOP do some great, fun and cheaper alternatives - peace sign tee, skull print tee & plain slouchy top. I also like the t shirts a bit oversized, so I would buy them a size or two bigger depending on the fit. I have then teamed these with a black leather fringed biker jacket from River Island which I absolutely adore! I'm really not fussed about it being real leather as they are much more expensive, so I will definitely keep my eye out. I hear that H&M have a good selection! Then the same as the previous post River Island Chelsea boots which I'm sure I will be wearing all AW/11, to finish it off I have selected this amazing silk skull Alexander McQueen scarf which is a great piece and timeless. I think it goes perfectly with the outfit myself, it is definitely on my list this year. You can then switch up the look by wearing different scarfs, other printed tops or a more plain t shirt and to spruce it up just add a statement necklace or earrings. I love this outfit - its comfortable, stylish yet practical.

What do you think of this look?


Boudoir Prive

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hello everyone, I thought I would do a post to share with you that I subscribed to Boudoir Prive. I was a bit skeptical about these beauty subscriptions. Seeing posts of everyones monthly Glossy Box's didn't impress me and the products didn't look so good. I also saw a lot of people were disappointed in the Glossy Box brand so this put me off even more. Then I stumbled upon a brand called Boudoir Prive which is also a subscription service where you pay £10.00 per month and receive "Luxury size samples" straight to your door. Being a beauty fan I thought why not give it a go. I was also lucky enough to be one of the first few to subscribe which means that I will be receiving a "limited edition box" as they called it. Im quite excited to see what goodies will be coming to my door.

What I quite liked about it is that I can un-subscribe whenever I want and if you are unhappy with the products then you can return the box as long as the products are in the original condition. The brands on the website also look quite interesting but at the same time do not appeal to me... I have never heard of them before. But I guess that If I'm not pleased then I can return. However the website does appeal to me. What I don't like about these beauty subscriptions service is that it is a possibility it will inspire me to spend even more money on products, I spend enough already!

Anyway, here is what Boudoir Prive say about themselves:

"At Boudoir Privé, we believe that beauty is all about pampering yourself at an affordable price. There are so many brands out there, that it is difficult to buy the products that really work for you and make you feel beautiful."
"Our mission is to help you discover the best beauty brands and find the products that fit you. We want to facilitate your purchase experience and make your beauty routine more enjoyable. Try your deluxe size samples at home, buy the full size versions of your favourite products directly on Boudoir Privé’s website... Et voilà!"
"We hope that you will enjoy your beauty box as an exquisite treat to yourself, as much as we enjoy curating them.”
They claim not to pick brands based on their popularity but on their performance which is interesting and very good PR for these maybe not so well known companies. Boudoir Prive have a blog stating that it is full of beauty tips as well as having their own online store, where you will have the choice to buy the products sent to you in full size. Where as Glossy Box will direct you to a supplier, either way its a good part of the service!
All references are taken from
What do you guys think about this company/service? Has anyone else signed up?


I'm back & update :) photo heavy!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well :) I have not created a post in a while now because I have been on holiday, but I promise I have many posts lined up. I went to a place called Normandy in France and stayed in a lovely chateau in a little village. I went with my family (Uncles, aunties, cousins you name it) I also dragged my boyfriend along too. Now it wasn't the type of holiday I would usually go for as there isn't much to do, most of it was sight seeing etc. But surprisingly I had a great time, here are just some pictures to show you all!

Sorry for some of the bad photos... this is my boyfriends fault of not knowing how to work an SLR ;)

Now I really cant wait to get back into blogging I have to say I have missed it... I have some posts lined up including a lot of foundation reviews - Chanel, M.A.C and Estee Lauder. 

What would you like to see on my blog?


Update & Personal Everday Makeup Routine Video

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. I'm going to be pretty busy in the next couple of weeks but I have some posts that I will write and have them scheduled to release over the two weeks period :)

I have recently become really into making videos and I'm not really sure if I should post them in a post on here as well as on YouTube - because I have noticed they aren't as popular on here. So what I might start doing is every time I do a video create a written post version as well, then maybe put the link at the bottom if people would prefer to see a video. This is simply because I do want to reach out to people following my blog as well as my subscribers on YouTube - so I do need to work out a system of how to do it :) But I just have to say I may just keep this blog to purely write so If you are interested in seeing my videos please subscribe to my channel because you may miss out.

Until I sort something out I will just post my videos on here, so here I have for you a video of me showing my personal daily makeup routine, enjoy :)


How to care for your makeup brushes

Monday, 11 July 2011

Hello everyone, I thought this post might be helpful to some of you, so I thought I would share with you how I look after my makeup brushes to ensure they will last me :) Its really important to look after you're brushes - It will not only make them look nice but they will last a hell of a lot longer. If you're also someone who likes to buy high end brushes you will know they are expensive, so its important to look after them!

Daily Cleansing - After I use my brushes everyday I will use my M.A.C Brush Cleanser. This cleanser cost me £8.50 and you get 235ml which is good value for money in my eyes. This stuff is amazing! It makes your brushes extremely soft and gets off all the product ready for next use. It also drys very quickly so this is great if you're switching between blush colours, highlighters or eyeshadows. You will see that in the original bottle I haven't got a lot in their but this is because I have transferred some over to a travel size spritz bottle that I got from Superdrug for at home and also one to keep at the boys house. The reason I done this is simply because the original bottle seems to pour out very quickly so I think its going to last longer as a spritz. I would highly recommend this product as it is specifically designed to clean brushes so you know your not going to be putting any ingredients onto you're brushes that will harm them.

Fortnightly Wash - Its good for once in a while to give your brushes a good wash, I will do this once every two weeks. This will just make sure I will clean out any product that might go to the base of the brush. Once again you want to be using something thats very gently with no harmful products. In the M.A.C shop they recommend any type of baby shampoo, but I picked up this Simple shampoo. I am a huge fan of Simple products so I thought this would be perfect. Its not scented, just a very plain simple shampoo. I just apply a small dot in the centre of my palm, rinse my brush under warm water and gently wipe until water runs clean. I then leave them on a piece of tissue and leave them to air dry.

Home & Travels - When my brushes are at home I leave them in a glass gar with the brushes facing up. I would hate to throw them into a draw or in a makeup bag so they get squashed! For when I travel I take with me a brush case. The one I have is a Stila one and I picked it up from eBay for around £6.00 - This also prevents them from getting squashed in my makeup bag on many of my travels to London visiting the boy :) These brush cases are great and I also highly recommend you get one.

I hope this has helped some of you & hopefully picked up some tips on how to make sure your brushes stay nice :)

How do you care for your brushes, can you share any tips?


June Favourites!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Hello guys, Just got a video here for you showing you my favourite products throughout June. These are the products I have been reaching out to use and really enjoy them! hope you enjoy :)

I'm sorry if I have been doing a lot of videos recently but since uploading them onto Youtube I'm trying to keep my Youtube channel going - But I have a few written posts lined up so keep your eyes peeled :)


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