Beauty Haul/Lates Buys Video - Topshop, Bourjois, XEN-TAN

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hello guys, here is a haul video of my latest buys :)

Hope you enjoyed that! If you like my videos please subscribe to my channel - Thanks for the support fellow bloggers ;)

Mini Gold Casio Watch

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hello everyone! I have just noticed that recently my blog has seemed to turn into a blog all about beauty. I have not done this on purpose... I just tend to go through phases of being obsessed with beauty and wanting to buy lots of products, or clothes wanting to do the same. So I thought it was time to dedicate this blog to all the fashion lovers and what better way to start then with this beauty!

I have been looking for a watch for a while now as it comes in handy with work and I hate having to get my phone out constantly to look at the time. I had my eye on a few higher end ones, but I'm kidding myself really because I cant afford it and A) watches can look outdated in time B) and therefore cant afford to spend out on an expensive watch every year or so. So I decided with the Mini Gold Casio Watch. This watch is just perfect, its dainty and the beauty of it is that It will never look outdated with its retro style. I bought it from ASOS taking advantage of the 20% discount offer so I ended up paying £32.00 which isn't bad at all in my eyes! It also has a few extra which I'm not too bothered about but adds something - Stopwatch, calendar, alarm, its water resistant and has an adjustable strap. This is good because it saves having to get any links removed.


Barry M Pink Flamingo

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hello girlies! I have done quite a few video post's recently as you will have noticed so I thought it was time for a written post... and what better then do one on this amazing nail paint I picked up a couple of weeks back. Barry M Pink Flamingo is the perfect pop of pink you could want for summer. I know I will definitely be wearing it all summer (It also looks amazing with a tan!). The image below shows two coats of Pink Flamingo which I think is enough, though previously I have applied three coats for a more intense colour! Its also really nice with just one coat, very sheer and a lot lighter. It is a flash photo but this is exactly what it looks like. I love Barry M and will always turn to them to find any colour that I'm after - Its also a plus that they are animal friendly yay!! One thing about this nail polish is when a few friends asked me what I was wearing they were quite shocked and said that it doesn't come up that colour on them?! Which is strange. What about you, have you got it and it comes up differently?


Hair Care/Style Video

Monday, 13 June 2011

Hello everyone! This is a video that was requested by a few youtubers, not sure if it will be relevant to you lot but I thought I might as well post it :) A couple of people asked if I dyed my hair myself so I just thought I would do a general video about my hair, Enjoy :)

May Beauty Favourites - Video

Saturday, 4 June 2011

I have no idea why these videos are coming up so small... if anyone could give me any tips on this then that would be great :)

Thanks for looking!


XEN - Tan Deep Bronze Video Review

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I hope this is okay, I'm such a goof! Still getting used to it :)
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