The Royal Wedding

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hello everyone! I know you have probably seen loads of posts about the royal wedding and you're probably bored of it now. But I still just feel so delighted about it! I want to watch it over and over. I watched it with my aunties and my cousins so it was a bit of a girly day, as the men don't really care. I was so excited and as soon as I saw her I started crying, along with everyone else. The main thing that was on my mind was what she was going to be wearing and the celebrity guests! I had heard rumours that her dress was Alexander McQueen and when they announced that and confirmed it, I was just so pleased! It makes me so happy and proud to be British. The dress was so perfect and she looked beautiful. I thought everyone else's outfits were lovely too! Especially her sister who was maid of honour. However... I did not like Beatrice & Eugene? outfits. However much I love Vivienne Westwood I do not think its suitable for a wedding, as of course we all know Vivienne's designs are very extrovert like Vivienne herself. I'm so glad their were no protesters, the day was perfect. Apart from that awkward moment when Wills couldn't get the ring on her finger, everyone was in panic! Really quite funny in my eyes. I could ramble on forever about the wedding but I would't want to bore you. I was contemplating whether do even do a post, but I thought I had to! For memories sake :) I wish them the very best & hope they live a happy life. 


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely easter, I know I did. Mine consisted of - Chilling out with my boyfriend, family, enjoying the lovely weather, catching up with my friends which involved wine and eating lots of nice food! I finally got my glasses so I am no longer blind which is great and me and my mummy made some lovely easter cup cakes which were delicious! I have also ordered quite a few things on the internet the past week from Yayer and my faux rocco bag, I have my eye on some vintage pieces on eBay too - So I will do a post once they arrive & if i win :) Hope you're all well!

All of my chocolate & other east gifts.


My new Christian Dior glasses which I love! 
They have a really nice slight cat eye, just so classic!

My garden which I thought looked very pretty on sundays spring morning! oh & my dog Molly just because I think she looks adorable!

What did you all do on your easter break?

J xo

Weekly Wants

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I have not posted in a little, and for some reason I always feel so weird if I don't publish at least 1 post per day. So here are my weekly lusts! I just love everything there and wish I could win the lottery so I could indulge in all of the clothes & accessories as I want!

From left to right: River Island pleated skirt, River Island coral ring, TOPSHOP orange skater dress, TOPSHOP sand layered maxi skirt, River Island sandals, River Island sheer white shirt, Alexander McQueen Purse, Alexander McQueen shoes.

Spring Clean & Update

Monday, 4 April 2011

At about 2:00 am last night for some bizarre reason I decided I was going to spring clean my room... crazy I know! I go a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning so I couldn't stop! I finally decided to stop and wait until the morning. I have literally just finished and it has taken me 6 hours! But I managed to throw out a lot of stuff and find things to put on Ebay for extra £££ :) Here are some pictures of my tiny box room... This also reminds me I should make more use out of my Cannon SLR.

I also found this under my bed in a draw. Its my mums and about 30 years old - Its a Christian Dior "Tendre Poison" perfume in a little gold locket. I thought it was quite cool, pretty, feminine and vintage so I thought I would share it with you guys :) It looks old and its tarnishing a bit, but I kinda like it.

I have also been letting myself go a little with nail varnish, I think its because I have just been so busy and I like to take my time with doing my nails as I'm not the best, as you can probably tell from the pictures. However I LOVE this nail varnish. I wore it pretty much all winter and think I will for spring, I probably should get a coral colour though... Its from TOPSHOP (They do amazing nail varnishes, check them out!) and its kind of a grey/purple shade. Its called "Big smoke"

This is a ring that was recently bought for me and I also mentioned it in another post. Im not usually one for loads of accessories, I like simplistic looks. But I absolutely love this ring, its so adorable and goes with anything. Its such a statement piece. I will be wearing it for a a while! If anyone didn't see my other post, Its from River Island and cost £7.99 - My lovely boyfriend treated me to it :)

Sorry for the huge post! Guess I had a lot to say :) Hope your all enjoying your spring break! (American)

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