How to tell a fake M.A.C Face and Body foundation?

Saturday, 17 December 2011

My sister stupidly bought what she thought was a M.A.C Face & Body foundation of eBay. When she told me she had purchased one from there I was very interested to see if it was fake and to compare it to mine. So I have done, I have compared it for you guys and I wanted to this share with you! I know a lot of you have a high street budget when it comes to makeup and M.A.C becomes very desirable, so the natural thing to do is look elsewhere for a better price. When it comes to buying makeup from eBay you have to be very careful. Not only with hygiene reasons but also health. You don't know what is in these products, ingredients could be used that may be harmful to you. I hope it helps :) Lets start off with the first thing that I noticed was different.

Just to let you know the real Face & Body foundation is on the LEFT.

The bottles are pretty much the same size I would say but you can notice that the text on the authentic one (left) is higher, bolder with not as much space in between the letters. You can tell more in these pictures...

Now looking at this picture of the back of the product its the same with the text here as the front of the bottle.

This picture of the bottom of the product is probably one of the biggest giveaways that it is not an authentic Face and Body foundation. As you can see straight away the shade on the fake bottle (right) claims that it is a NC35. M.A.C Face and Body foundations do not even come in the regular shade names for their other foundations, like you can see with the authentic one its shade N2 and the authentic ones all follow this pattern with shades N2, N3, C2, C3 etc. You can also notice the sticker on the fake one, the authentic ones simply do not have them!

Going onto the actual applicator they pretty much look the same. It looks as if the authentic one (left) is a little bigger in width and height on the screw part.

Moving onto the product itself. M.A.C Face and Body is know as its lightweight sheer formula being a water based foundation it acts as if its your skin but better. I have blobbed a bit of product from both bottles of my hand and in the second image I have blended them in a bit.

You can instantly see that with the authentic product (left) its a lot more runny and has run down my hand, where as with the fake product its a lot thicker and has just sat there.

In this picture I have just blended it in a little. You will notice that the real product looks a lot sheer and light, where as the fake looks thicker and more of a cream texture.

I also have to say that the smell is completely different. Face & Body lovers will know that it doesn't have the best of smells, but we still love it! The fake one smells as if its been perfumed and as far as I know M.A.C don't actually use perfume in their foundations.

I really hope this has helped if you have had your eye on a couple on eBay. It really is not worth it what so ever, spend out on the real thing. You will not regret it. If you are looking at one on eBay, and to you it looks genuine make sure you ask lots of questions relating to my pictures above so you know exactly what your getting with it.



  1. I bought sooooooooo many fake things in thailand like clothes,bags etc but damn i would NOT have bought any fake makeup - they had so much mac stuff and my cousin wanted to buy it i just told her no way you have no idea what is in it! The people selling it claim it's real too but it's so clearly not!!!xx

  2. Thailand seems to be THE place of fake products, I would never ever use nay of that makeup. My sister still uses this... may have to buy her a real one for crimbo! Its so bad that they claim is real too, god knows whats in it. Bet its not even been regulated! xo

  3. jesus, didn't know people make fake makeup.

  4. Wow, fake makeup. Never thought about it...interesting post :)

    xo Emma

  5. wow thankyou so much for these pictures, I have been waiting to get this foundation for a while now and now I know not to buy it on ebay :) Also, just wondering, did the ebay seller have bad reviews?

  6. Wow, I didn't know there were fake MAC foundations. I recently saw a documentary about fake fashion goods and medications and how sometimes they can be deadly as they cheap out on the ingredients and sometimes use poison :/ Your sister should stop using it. It's really not safe as these are made in the black market with no safety standards!

  7. @Vivian, yes they did because I checked it out before she got it. People who has never owned a face & body before wouldn't know what to expect so i suppose they give them good feedback which is a shame :(

    @crayola, thank you for your comment! I will tell her immediately. Might even contact they buyer. x

  8. well, you've really worked hard on this!!! might give it a plug on my blog and twitter, just so everyone sees...

    I think obviously the bottom really does give it's common sense, everyone knows Face and Body does not come in those they list it as those shades in the website?

    and since your sister still uses it, would you still test and review it? just for the sake of might be a nice foundation, who knows?


  9. When I saw the differences between the two I knew the right side was obviously fake. Thank you for doing this post, as this push forward the idea even though Mac products can be quite pricey but if you find else where for a much affordable price then you know it's not authentic, unless you go to CCO for pass seasons items. :)

  10. WOW thank you so much for your post, i had no away how to understand if a mac product is fake or not and i was thinking of purchasing one from ebay, how silly of me of course, i never purchase things i don't know about but a friend bought one and she said it was great.
    i'll check hers to see if its the real stuff or not.
    thank you very very very much
    one of the best and most helpful posts i've read lately.
    marianne of

  11. The most obvious way to tell...the stonking great spelling mistake on the back of the bottle. It should say 'fond de teint' meaning foundation but the fake says 'fond de yeint' which is just jibberish :)

  12. Fab post :) won't buy anything off eBay now to do with makeup. They do put so many nasties in fake products x

  13. excellent post!! really good to have comparisons with things like this... I never ever buy any makeup from ebay at all, i once bought a benefit playstick and it was soo unbelievably rubbish, so fake its embaressing to try and pass it off as real x

  14. thank you!!!! now I know for sure that mine is fake.... awwww

  15. Thank you so much for this. It made me realise I bought a fake product on ebay!

  16. This is such a helpful post, I've never bought beauty products on Ebay but I was actually thinking about it and now I'm going to pass.
    Rosalie x

  17. Thank you for doing the homework for all of us!

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