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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hello my lovely's! I have said I'm going to do a fake tan post for a while now and I have finally got around to doing it. If you haven't read my previous post's you wont know that I'm not usually one for fake tan and have never ever used it before. So right now I'm experimenting to give myself a little colour in preparation for summer. So this product is the first fake tan that I have ever used - St.Tropez Everyday Gradual Fake Tan.

Preparation -
For preparation I washed, exfoliated my skin and applied moisturiser to problem area's and parts where the fake tan could go wrong, these were - elbows, knees, hands and feet. Once the moisturiser soaked in this was when I started. The fake tan is in a mouse formula and can be applied with a mitt or latex gloves, I personally prefer to use a mitt. To make sure I got as much coverage as possible and to avoid any patches or streaks I pumped the product twice for my calves, thighs and twice for each arm. (Its better to have more then less product on your application).

Product -
The formula is really nice in a white mouse which is so easy to apply and just glides over you're skin. It has the typical fake tan smell which I didn't really like and neither did my boyfriend. Because its a gradual fake tan you have to apply it once a day or even twice, morning and night. It is a little sticky at first and I would say takes just over an hour to be completely dry. Sometimes I got changed straight after and it didn't affect the product working or stain my clothes. It also did not stain my bed sheets which was a biggie for me! You start to see results after the second day and really noticeable after the 4th day I would say. But I guess this could maybe depend on your skin type? I'm not too sure, but this is the result it had on me. I was quite nervous when it came to applying on my feet and hands because these are noticeable places and will be shown to the world if you have any patches or streaks. The product has now run out so I would say that it has lasted me about 3 weeks of usage, which isn't too bad for a cost of around £20.00. You will also notice that in the picture the mitt has turned green (gross I know!). But I have heard that apparently this is an ingredient that stops you from going orange.

Really sorry about the manky mitt!
Results - 
I have to say that I was really impressed with this fake tan. It left a natural olive tan. The only bad thing I would say about this product is it doesn't last very long on you're hands. Washing you're hands regularly, daily as you do washes off the product so you end up with a divided line between your hands and arm, which wasn't too noticeable but I still noticed it and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I only applied on my legs and arms and there were no signs of any patches or streaks so I was very pleased about this! To maintain the tan long term after applying everyday for a week I would say you would have to apply it every other day. This is definitely a good product if you're new to fake tan or you want to be able to have a tan and build it gradually so its not a drastic change, which would be very obvious to whoever you will be seeing daily.

I'm sorry for the huge post, I tried to get everything in. If you have any questions about the product then feel free to ask :) I will answer all questions via comments on this post so check back for answers. I have just ordered XEN fake tan so once that arrives I will do a post on that. As well as that I have bought lots of lovely clothes recently so I will do a post on that too!

Thank you for reading :)
Love J xo


  1. Hi Sanam, If i applied it for a week and stopped applying, it would last a week but gradually fade each day. So it fades really evenly which is good! :)

  2. Very cool can't wait to see it!

    Fashion Nostalgia

  3. I'm gunner show this to my friend cause she wanted a review on it :D x

  4. my friend always uses st tropez, but i've never used fake tan before! glad to hear it's good (:

  5. i'm glad you liked st tropez!
    the one i have is a little different to yours, although it clearly works just the same.
    the only downside unfortunately, is having to apply it often enough to keep that glowing bronzed colour. ahah.
    moisturising once to twice a day also helps the longevity of your tan!

  6. Thanks for the review! I have been really interested in trying this out for awhile now! x


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