Breast Cancer at 21 - Absolute Trooper

Monday, 23 May 2011

I have not been on here for the last week or made any post's because I have just been so busy doing university work. But there are lots of posts to come. I thought I would just do a post on something that has really touched me -

Recently I found  out that a lovely girl I know called Katie has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 21. She is an absolute babe and a trooper and I admire her so much for how she is handling it and her courage. She really is amazing and what she is doing really will make a difference.

She has decided to create a blog on Youtube where she will share her story by posting videos from being diagnosed to updates of her treatments, educating everyone - young women especially. I think this is a brilliant idea and I would really love you guys to watch her videos and share on you're blogs, twitter etc. Breast cancer for young women is really quite rare and by doing this she will be comforting a lot of young girls in her position making them feel like they aren't alone and keeping them positive. I know that if I was in the same position these videos would make me feel a whole lot better. She has had amazing response and an overwhelming amount of support so I really do wish her the best of luck and will subscribe to following her video posts and supporting her all the way. If you could all just share this on you're blog to raise awareness of this incredible thing she is doing that would be fantastic :) I have always wanted to do Race For Life and her story has motivated me so much. I know I will be thinking of all women whilst doing this race but Katie especially.

Here is a link to her YouTube -
Follow her journey on battling breast cancer on her Twitter Account -

Watch the videos and let me know you're thoughts on this, I know you will all be touched just as much as I have been. So please share with everyone you know :)


  1. Wow....I couldn't possibly fathom being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age...she is only a year older than I am :/ I watched her videos and they made me so sad. I can't believe how strong she is to be able to speak so freely about her ailment. It is extremely commendable that she is using her situation as a way to raise awareness for this important issue. I wish all the best and a speedy recovery!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. so sweet.
    definately a girl with the most amazing amount of courage!
    i'll certainly be following her journey.
    all the love in the world! x.

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